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We have been helping non-technical founders and early-stage startups for over a decade with engineering management , architecture design, and language-specific upskilling.

Welcome to 42Peaks - where solid software meets good people. Your adventure in building a tech-first product just got a quirky, friendly, and experienced companion.

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It is tough, we understand!

We have worked at startups, and the last thing you need is a bunch of processes, a bunch of boards, a bunch of tickets which — while (possibly) useful to a large corporate — are just slowing you and your team down.

Ever had that feeling of not knowing what you do not know? Yep, we have been there. It is not pretty. We are here to eliminate the guesswork associated with building a kick-ass team.

Working with 42Peaks, we've seen a remarkable improvement in our product development. Their hands-on, process-light approach allowed us to focus on what truly matters, avoiding the pitfalls many startups face. They're more than service providers; they're partners in our journey.

Ranjeet S., Early-Stage Entrepreneur

42Peaks' approach to architecture design is mind-blowing. They simplified complex tech problems, helping us speed up development without sacrificing quality. It's incredible to work with a team that truly understands startup challenges.

Ethan K., Startup Product Manager

At first, I was skeptical about 42Peaks. Our team struggled to keep up with their rapid pace. But as we adapted, their guidance became invaluable, turning our tech hurdles into stepping stones for growth. They really know how to push a team to its potential.

Aiden T., Early-Stage Entrepreneur